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A selection of our Incentive programs.

Imagine wide expanses of ice, deep forests, vast uninhabited wilderness areas. Imagine darkness, biting arctic cold, wild animals and the Northern Lights.

Then imagine the warmth of a cheery fire and friendly meetings with people who enjoy nothing better than to give you adventure, share their culture and cuisine and offer their special knowledge. Dogsledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, winter bathing and much much more.


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Winter in Swedish Lapland – 4 perfect days
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Winter in Swedish Lapland – 4 perfect days

Join us for an adventure that stretches far out of nowhere. Or at least what you thought was nowhere. We ride our snowmobiles through snow-covered forests and frozen lakes. We spend the night in a big wooden tee-pee sleeping on a bed of reindeer skin. We head out on moose tracking safari. We break the ice of the Baltic Sea with our icebreaker. We take driving lessons on the ice and we eat many delicious dinners. All during four perfect days.

Day schedule

  • Day 1 – Day of arrival

    Day 1 – Day of arrival

    Arrival at Skellefteå Airport.

    Transfer to Varuträsk Mine, where the snowmobiles are waiting for you.
    Our minds are set on the snowmobiles –we’ll drive through snow-covered woods and over frozen lakes!

    During this safari we will stop at some beautiful, suitable place to get a warming cup of coffee – freshly made over an open fire. If we’re lucky – we’ll get close to a herd of reindeers!

    After approx 3-5 hours arrival to Svansele wilderness camp.

    Welcoming drink with local snacks at the camp. Accommodation in big wooden tee-pees. You sleep on beds covered with reindeer skins and in sleeping bags.

    A three course wilderness dinner will be served around the camp-fire.

  • Day 2 – Activity day

    Day 2 – Activity day

    After breakfast it is time for a moose tracking safari with the snowmobiles. If we’re lucky – we’ll get to see the king of the forest! After approx 3 hours return to the camp where lunch will be served.
    After lunch we continue with the snowmobiles to Svansele Wilderness exhibition where you will have a 1,5 hour guided tour.

    Transfer to the Skellefteå City and to the hotel of choice in the late afternoon. Time for relax before the three course dinner.

  • Day 3 – Activity day

    Day 3 – Activity day

    Breakfast buffet in the restaurant. Transfer to Varuträsk frozen lake for the icedriving activities. Ice driving: Audi and BMW. Safety-driving and eco-driving on different tracks.

    A two-course outdoor lunch will be served during the activities.

    After activities transfer to back to the hotel

    An aperitif will be served in Bonnstan, the historical centre of Skellefteå. A time journey through our local traditions and culture with opportunities for guest to ”see, try and taste”. A three-course dinner will be served in the restaurant Nordanå Inn, in the same area.

  • Day 4 – Icebreaking experience day

    Day 4 – Icebreaking experience day

    Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Pite Havsbad, approx 1 hour.

    It is time for an ice-breaking experience. Prepare yourself of an experience less ordinary. Listen to the sound of the ice breaking and see how the ice floes tumble around in the dark water. Do you dare to have a swim in the water? You will be served a one-course lunch onboard the boat. Lunch includes bread, non-alcoholic beverage and coffee. Hot beverage is served during the cruise. After approx 3 hours return to the harbor.
    Transfer back to Skellefteå and the airport.

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