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We hope that our pictures can add flavor and inspiration for what Swedish Lapland has to offer.

Photos from Swedish Lapland

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Big groups require several sami tents
Cosy fire inside the wooden tee-pee
Drive your own dog sled team
Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky
Beautiful colors of the fall at Storforsen
Arctic Explorer - Icebreaking Experience
The lobby with its log-timbered walls at Nordkalotten Hotel
A taste of the wilderness - reindeer snack
Wooden tee-pee covered with snow
White desert experience with dog-sledges
Moose trekking safari with snowmobiles
Adventure in the forest
Traditional candle light dinner
Exotic dinner event in sami tents
Fun in the snow – team activities with tandemskiis
Nice restaurant with excellent food
Magic night at Storforsen
Enjoy the wilderness on the sledges
Fullmoon over the chapel at Storforsen
Piteå Stadshotell
Fun in the snow 2 - crosscart
Arctic Ice-curling competition
Bravish or foolish - do you dare to take a bath?
A work of art - snow sculpturing competition
Car on ice - learn to drive in extreme conditions
Burger a la Swedish Lapland
Winter sun set
Enjoy the silence with snowshoes
The gold of Swedish Lapland - the cloudberry
The home of midnight sun - Swedish Lapland
Teh magic of autumn with deep forests and calm lakes
The rapid with colours of fall
A moment to remember - meeting with the reindeer in the forest
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